Apple ID Scanner Review

Its no surprise to us but it was to a NYC night club.   They purchased an iPod id scanner after looking at the price and believing that anything related to Apple was cutting edge.  The web site claimed it had leading edge technology and that they had the best ID Scanner technology.  This same company, new to the id scanner market and really just one person working out of an apartment,  continues to claim their technology stops fake ids and is far superior to the existing offerings of other id scanner companies.  Well this pretty famous or infamous club in New York City, who had the “old” id scanning machines tried a couple of the new iPod ID Scanners for a week and gave up.  They wanted the new system to work but quickly discovered what industry veterans already know.  Point and Shoot barcode scanning is hard to do and low cost PDF417 barcode scanners just don’t work.  They take much longer to decode 2D bar codes and often just don’t read them.

For the last 9 years, most of the industry has been using ‘dunk’ barcode scanners to read IDs.  This web site has examples of ‘the old’ ID scanners which are used by most bars.  A couple of the existing ID checking companies tried the new iPod/iPhone ID Scanner sleds and quickly received negative feedback from their customers.   Then they announced they had been selected by manufacturer to make a better barcode scanner for drivers licenses.  But since making that proclamation, none has relaunched an id checking machine using the iPod or iPhone.

Point and Shoot scanners – those which shoot a laser or red light on the bar code can’t read drivers licenses barcodes as well as dunk scanners.  They need to focus on a moving target which can move up/down/left/right/in/out.  Additionally, the barcode may have light shining on part of it and reflecting light on other parts.  Finally, the license may have lights sources behind part or all of the license.  All these factors make it harder to acquire a sharp image, which is necessary to decode the barcode.   Dunk Scanners are inherently more robust because the act of dunking the license into the slot stabilizes the barcode in front of the imager.  The case provides an consistent lighting environment.  Finally, the image scanner has a higher resolution.   This means licenses are read faster and more consistently.  But don’t trust us, call the bar in NYC that tried that new social media id scanner.  They have gone back to the ‘old’ id scanner because it works.